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Urgent Care On-Call Telemedicine Physician (Remote)

Work Type: Contract

About the Company

Change the future of dementia care with Tembo Health. We’re aiming to make managing dementia and senior health easier through tailored services and innovative technology. Many PCPs don’t feel positioned to provide dementia care and families are left not knowing where to turn or feel unsupported. Making matters worse, dementia families can see medical costs, hospitalizations, and ER visits increase exponentially over time. With our innovative dementia care management solution, we empower patients, caregivers, primary care physicians, and health plans to navigate the complexities and burden of dementia care. Together, let's create a brighter and easier future for senior care.

We're venture backed, with funding from big tech investors like Bloomberg Beta, B Capital, Resolute, AARP and led by a cadre of entrepreneurs who have built and scaled unicorn tech companies (e.g., Flatiron, Oscar, Imagen). Our team includes startup veterans, physicians, and more. We're here to make a big, meaningful impact on healthcare and have fun while we're at it. We're looking for smart, mission-driven, goal-oriented team members who are creative problem solvers and big dreamers. If that sounds like you, let's talk!

Our Values and Culture

At Tembo, we're on a big mission: improve health outcomes for seniors. To make this mission a reality, we value several things in how we work:
  • Patients First. We're here to make the lives of patients better and every activity has this in mind.
  • Great Ideas. It doesn't matter whose idea it is, if it's a great idea, let's do it!
  • Get Stuff Done. Ideas are nothing without implementation. So go ahead and try things, break stuff, learn and improve.
In line with our values, we look for people who are
  • Customer-Focused. You are able to identify and work towards what customers want and need. You see customer satisfaction as tantamount to success.
  • Smart and Curious / Solution Oriented. You're constantly learning and applying your knowledge to find innovative solutions. You love sharing your ideas and workshopping ideas to get to great answers. You're excited by the prospect of iterating on products and processes to make them better over time.
  • Efficient & Effective / Good at Time Management. You know what it takes to accomplish your goal and aren't afraid to put in the work. More importantly, you know how to ruthlessly prioritize and focus on the important activities. 
Our team features a wide breadth of experience in various industries and functions. This means we're bringing different ideas to the table that yield lively discussions and creative solutions that couldn't happen with industry experts alone.

About the Role

We’re currently recruiting part-time physicians who are passionate about delivering great care and are excited to help us set a new, higher standard of care for America's seniors and dementia patients. Candidates should be comfortable with the idea of holding appointments via video conference, able to enter their notes into an EMR, and open to providing feedback about technology and workflows to our technology and clinical operations teams. You'll work an estimated 40 hours a month 

We're looking for providers who are available from several hours a week as well as full-time. We offer flexible work arrangements, including flexible hours and the ability to work remotely.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Provide clinical care for scheduled appointments and urgent care requests. You will deliver exceptional, evidence-based care to patients for proactive, preventative, and acute care concerns for seniors and their stakeholders. You will be responding to calls requesting urgent assistance and evaluation when on-call (tentatively afternoons, evenings, and weekends). This could include assessing chest or abdominal pain, injuries due to falls, extended fatigue/weakness, dizziness, etc. while abiding by all regulatory guidelines, as applicable to your license.
  • Follow up on labs, images and reevaluations.  In some situations, you will perform follow up visits or calls for patients who recently had an urgent care visit. This will include reviewing results, updating family members, and potentially reaching out to the patient’s PCP.
  • Conduct health assessments and intake visits. As new patients elect for our services or join our customer communities, you will conduct a telehealth exam, review their medical history, and provide health risk assessments and screens for areas such as mental health/cognition, fall risk, or eligible program enrollment. This will all serve as helpful information and baselines for future visits while reducing friction and barriers to care even during emergency situations.  
  • Provide collaborative, clinical expertise. You’ll be working with other clinicians that may need your opinion and perspective on cases and patient treatment. When needed, you will provide support to colleagues with your experience. Additionally, we believe in shared decision-making where ultimately the patient, or their designated family member, has final authority on what to do. So we rely on you to provide as much relevant perspective for them to make an informed decision as one of their trusted healthcare partners.
  • Ensure quality documentation and data. As an outcomes-focused company and since working with multiple stakeholders, you will ensure all charts and notes are filled out and medical records are completed using our EMR system and proprietary software.


  • $37.50-$75 per hour + volume pay

About You

You’ll be a fit for this role if you have:
  • Board-certified and actively licensed in either Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine or Internal Medicine in ALL of the following states: AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, KY, MA, MD, NH, NY, TN, TX
  • 5+ years of clinical experience as a MD/DO
  • Experience delivering care via telehealth platform, with strong webside manner and interpersonal skills when dealing with patients, physicians, and caregivers
  • Comfortable with technology and using an EHR (e.g., Athena Health)

Bonus qualifications:
  • 3+ years in geriatric care setting
  • Located in the New York City or Boston area

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We are looking for physicians who are able to work afternoons, evenings and weekends